Saturday, March 1, 2014

03/01: Double Jeopardy

Today was Mardi Gras. I live in the St. Louis area, and we are known to be the 2nd greatest city when it comes to celebrating that day. What it made me think of was the movie Double Jeopardy, which was partly set in New Orleans. The customs, the decor, everything.

This thriller stars Ashley Judd as a woman who was framed for murdering her husband, Nick. Nick and Libby (Judd), who have a son Matty, are having themselves a happy loving vacation when literally overnight, something goes terribly wrong. Nick successfully makes it look like a bloodshed scene as he escapes the boat. As Libby is trying to scramble what is going on she is caught with a bloody knife in her hand as it is easy to assume she did something horrendous. She is later convicted of murder, along with getting unwanted attention from the media and her peers.

A friend of Libby's looks after Matty. During a phone call from prison to Matty, Libby realizes that her husband is still alive and he took Matty. She is eventually released from prison after 6 years and is granted parole. The detective work begins for Libby as she escapes and successfully traces Nick's steps which take her from Washington state to New Orleans. There, Nick has assumed a different name and newer rich lifestyle. The entertainment gets better from there.

While this movie did get mixed to negative reviews (25% Tomatometer rating), I found this one to be very good at some levels, and is worth watching over and over on occasion. The New Orleans culture is unique as Mardi Gras is shown at nighttime in downtown N'awlens. Tommy Lee Jones also does a great performance as Libby's parole officer, Travis.

My rating: 7 out of 10

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