Sunday, March 9, 2014

03/09: 8mm 2

This direct-to-video (or DVD?) is not necessarily a sequel to the original film that I reviewed yesterday, as the title suggests. Although the same theme, a different setting and a different cast of characters takes place. It was completely shot in Hungary. No Nicolas Cage. I hope you get the idea...

I think I'll go ahead and give away the ending (SPOILER ALERT!): I admit it, even though this was not so very popular of a movie (as most non-theatrical movies aren't), this had one of the coldest twists that occurred at the very end. Before I even go there, I'll explain the whole movie in short. As mentioned above, it contains a same script, different cast type of plot from 8mm. Blackmailing, sex, you name it. But this time around, there is a couple who are being taped while having a threesome  with a model. Turns out the hotel's housekeeper taped the thing and now is out to blackmail the couple. The man is being forced to pay several large amounts of money different times in the movie, as funded from the lady's wealthy father, an ambassador to Hungary. Everything just continues to escalate....and to add more insult to injury, the male of the couple was in charge of the entire scheme.

Obviously, yes, there's a lot of greed, and murder in the movie. If you are one that is all about twisted plot twists, this is for you. Or if you just like low-budget movies.

My rating: 4 out of 10

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