Friday, March 7, 2014

03/07: Derailed

One of the gripping thrillers from the past ten years is Derailed. After watching this, you'll agree with the so-called professional critics that this was no good or it was missing something.

Phillippe LaRoche, a French criminal is out to ruin a random man's life with a series of blackmails and such. Story starts with a 9-to-5 guy who has a boring life. Charles is having marital problems and his daughter is suffering from diabetes. So he is determined to keep working. One day he falls asleep on his commuter train and he gets a ticket. Some random woman, who goes by Lucinda (Jennifer Aniston), pays his fine which leads to an eventual affair behind their spouses' backs. That's where it all starts. A chain reaction which leads to several blackmails and getting certain people and things involved takes place. LaRoche comes in the pair's hotel room and that's where it begins.

This is a quite different thriller as it has many actors who are often not seen in blockbuster movies. Even Jennifer Aniston, who was trying to put her 'Friends' typecast behind her, didn't make this film that interesting. Although I can't imagine who else would have taken her place. The film also stars two rappers, RZA and Xzibit, who play good and bad guys, respectively.

Would I recommend this? Only for date night, or if you're in the mood for an unpredictable thriller. Not to give it away (spoiler!), but there are some weird coincidences that occur in the end. So what to believe, what to believe.....

My rating: 5 out of 10

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