Saturday, March 22, 2014

03/22: George of the Jungle

1997 was a big year for movies, even before Titanic came out. Hit after hit, there was Men in Black, Air Force One, etc. I remember having a conversation with my siblings at the time this movie came out and they were like, 'Who would actually go see this movie?'. I began to wonder the same thing. Because quirky Brendan Fraser is in it? Did people actually like the cartoon? A good excuse to take the kids out?

Whatever the reason, I did get down to watching this several years later. That's not to say I missed very much. But it was an enjoyable film. The plot may seem a bit self-explanatory. We all probably know that George was raised in the jungle by apes, just like Tarzan. It closely resembles a Tarzan/Jane story: a woman who is part of a tourist group (Ursula, played by Leslie Mann) is saved by George when she is about to be attacked by a lion. She wakes up and finds George living in an all-animal/non-human environment and she gets to teach him human skills. Meanwhile, Ursula's fiance tries searching for her, and when he does, they take George back to the United States. There, George explores a new life, while Ursula is having second thoughts about marrying her fiance.

A fun, silly comedy. Some may just take it seriously, and I believe its partly not meant to be that way. Just experience the talking ape (voiced by John Cleese) and you'll know not to! Perfect for a family movie night.

My rating: 6 out of 10

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