Monday, March 3, 2014

03/03: The Great Muppet Caper

I remember the days back in the 80s when every other weekend me and my sisters would pick out videos to rent at the local video store, Treasure Trove. I would always pick the kiddie movie, and usually it was something Disney or with Muppets. Hard to believe that today they are corporate sisters. Funny and not-so good or bad how times change like that....

The latest Muppet movie will come out this month. So why not review a Muppet movie from the past? Well, here's the second big screen effort for those unforgettable puppets, or 'Muppets'! Put out just two years after their first (as well as right after their TV series ended), this one followed the same formula. With a little comedy, music, song-and-dance, celebrity cameos here and there. But this one is about solving a mystery. The glamorous Lady Holiday has her jewels stolen, and Miss Piggy is framed for it. Oh, Miss Piggy, how she was annoying....but anyway....

There are several cool scenes, as so 'Muppety'. First, there's the Happiness Hotel. A run-down but free place to stay. Everything a traveler's worst nightmare there is, but you have your lovable furry friends who are just like you running the place. Then you have the 'Baseball Diamond' which is the thieves' main destination to steal.

If you love the Muppets, I say definitely put this one on. Lots of corniness and silliness but in true Muppet style. For me, that's good.

My rating: 7 out of 10

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