Thursday, March 6, 2014

03/06: Brave

I thought I'd do another Pixar/Disney one, this time Brave. It was the most recent original Pixar movie with its original characters. This was to continue their power streak, as well as building on to the Disney empire.

The title, as one would think, is inspired by the film's main character, a young princess named Merida. She is one of those heiresses who doesn't want to live by family traditions and would rather march to the beat of her own drum. If you remember the previews, she is shown to be an archer. Archery is a sport that is continuing to regain in popularity (especially for women). The Hunger Games played no small part, and Brave was to add more hype to it. Anyway, Merida goes to a witch (who disguises herself as a wood crafter) to bargain with her. Merida's mother Elinor accidentally transforms into a big bear, and it is up to Merida to undo the spell.

As said above, Pixar has had a long continuous streak of hits, starting with Toy Story. But, for some reason I felt this one was missing something. Sure, it is a great film kids can easily enjoy. Me and Roger Ebert did agree on something though: parents or grownups who were expecting a movie for all ages may seem disappointed. I'd still give this one a go if you have children.

My rating: 6 out of 10 

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