Monday, March 17, 2014

03/17: Get Carter (1971)

At the moment I can't think of an Irish movie, but I'm sure a day or two from now I'll be kicking myself....but oh well. Thought I'd do an iconic British movie. It was well-received of course in its home country, but disappointingly not in the United States. Not even with a remake that came many decades later...but I'm getting ahead of myself here.

Michael Caine stars in this crime/detective film as Jack Carter. Carter is a gangster (Caine apparently wanted this to be in a serious tone as opposed to how they are 'stupidly portrayed') who lives a free-spirited life. That is until he attends the funeral for his brother Frank. Jack is not satisfied with the answers he's getting about his brother's death, so he goes out of his way on a journey for the truth.

The movie does provide a great experience for people like me who are curious about English culture, and how their movies are made. The 1970s seemed to be a boom for Great Britain as far as the movie industry goes. Michael Caine was already a successful actor at that time in England and today he is known to be a living legend on both sides of the Atlantic. His acting is superb in this one, while at the same time you wonder while he plays a rebellious character he's also very quiet and calm. But that's his style anyway, right? The whole movie though as a whole, was a bit boring and slow-paced, but it got better towards the end.

My rating: 6 out of 10

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