Saturday, March 8, 2014

03/08: 8mm

An odd name for a film, I must say. But the 8mm film (for all you younguns, yes this was at one point a medium before people owned personal camcorders!) has a lot to do with the plot. Nicolas Cage plays a detective in this 1999 dark thriller.

Cage plays Tom, a surveillance expert, who is out to investigate the whereabouts of a young woman who was an apparent murder victim. See, the murder was caught on an '8mm film' which was found in her late husband's private safe. Tom goes to impressive lengths to solve the mystery, including going from Pennsylvania to a Los Angeles underground illegal pornography deal. But things seem to backslide as some revelations come about. I'll just stop right there....

Spoiler: The ending is actually very sad, as even though the mystery and crime was solved, the female victim's mother writes a letter to Tom, saying that both of them were the only people to care about her. After all, the girl wanted more out of life by heading to Hollywood and try for fame and fortune. Tell me that kind of thing wouldn't depress you. Good movie if you like murder mysteries with a little hardcore mixed in.

My rating: 5 out of 10

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