Wednesday, March 5, 2014

03/05: Go Ask Alice

This strangely, bizarre TV movie was based on the controversial novel of the same name. The title itself comes from the Jefferson Airplane 'White Rabbit' lyric, possibly referring to 'Alice in Wonderland'. The song is known for its drug references, which also triggered a lot of controversy during the turbulent 1960s. Before the days of ABC's 'Afterschool Special', this would've been a great fit.

So why do I say strangely and bizarre to this tragic drama? I really don't want to give it away, but for starters, the story is NOT true. It is not based on any individual, alive or dead. Instead, it is believed that it was the common stereotype of a good girl gone bad after hanging with the wrong crowd. Such were those times during the 1960s (as well as any generation for that matter). Alice is a high schooler who turns to alcohol and drugs while trying to adjust to a new place and school. Peer pressure gives in. It is always a tragedy to see someone make horrible choices, including those that affect not just their behavior and habits but their loved ones and friends. We see this as the movie goes, as Alice slowly descends.

As always the case, the book supposedly provides more details. I have not read it, as I'm sure it is very hard to come by. Perhaps, the Pirate Bay may have a copy, who knows. I'm gonna have to deduct some points since while this was a TV-movie, it should have been longer. Sometimes stories like these don't take that amount of time, and I feel it could have been 'beefed up' in a way. What's also noteworthy is this has William Shatner playing Alice's dad. This was during, what I call his 'slump years' between the two Star Trek periods. It's also Mackenzie Phillips' first project, right before American Graffiti.

My rating: 4 out of 10

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