Tuesday, March 25, 2014

03/25: The Perks Of Being a Wallflower

One critic called this movie 'this generation's Breakfast Club'. I'm gonna have to disagree with that person right away. I see no connection to those movies except for the fact they are high school movies. This sleeper hit seemed to have been more popular in book form (it was a best-selling novel starting in 1999), and while it may have underperformed in theaters (actually it was a limited release to four theaters), it was very popular on DVD and Blu-ray.

It's about a boy named Charlie (Logan Lerman) who attends high school as a freshman. His best friend had recently committed suicide, so he is always willing to meet new friends. He open-mindedly explores people and different things. At a football game, he starts hanging around step-sibling seniors, Patrick and Sam (Ezra Miller and Emma Watson). They become best friends as Charlie becomes more attached to their clique, even performing in their weekend 'Rocky Horror Picture Show' plays. The clique is pretty much known to be outcasts, as Charlie comes off as very shy and not sociable. He also ends up dating one of the fellow outcasts.

The part(s) where the movie lost me are in the second half. All the emotional moments; some not having to do with any of the story. But I'm sure its there to confuse the viewer, as most of them probably read the book. Or maybe I was the only one who was confused, or dissatisfied with its overdramatic scenes. I know, I critized the Breakfast Club in the same way, but here I'm talking about more serious scenes. And I'm assuming the part about finding 'their special song to speed in the tunnel' is not meant to be taken seriously. But it ends okay, I guess. Which I won't give away.

This will probably be the most negative review of this movie, but I'll be fair in some ways.

My rating: 5 out of 10

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