Thursday, March 13, 2014

03/13: Waiting

One thing that seems to surprise me is there are not a lot of realistic workforce movies. Sure, there are, but not enough for basic minimum-wage jobs (or in some peoples views, not career-like) like working in a restaurant. We see a lot of it in TV shows, but not so much on the big screen. Maybe its because a lot of escapists don't want to see reality as a movie (laughs).

That's exactly what Waiting is all about. It's left up to the viewer what the characters are 'waiting' for, perhaps a promotion, better job or the lucky break that'll get them out of working at Shenaniganz. The movie has a great cast of characters, led by Anna Faris and Ryan Reynolds. You may also recognize Luis Guzman and Justin Long, as well as some who unfortunately weren't heard from again (remember the pretty hostess?). As in cast of characters, I mean you'll find every stereotype that you are likely to work with at a bar-and-grill type of place. I don't remember doing any type of penis game or any sexual activity, but I remember there was always the pretty hostess, the crazy weird girl, the tool of a boss, the gangsta lowlifes, list goes on and on.

There really isn't a main character, although the central part of it has Ryan Reynolds' character training a silent teen, who is pretty much...well, underestimated (in the nicest way possible). So what's the main story? Really, there isn't one...but just several different storylines that could just be divided into several episodes. Justin Long's character is worried about his future. The boss, whose trying at any measure to fit in with the people under him and be cool, wants an invitation to the crews party. And there's that classic scene about the bitchy lady who wants everything done HER way...or the highway. So the line cooks agree to damage her food after its being sent back. Of course, this would give any health enthusiast or germphobic a nightmare.

Bottom line: if you've ever worked in a sit-down restaurant, or I guess a fast-food place, you would totally relate to this movie. Yes, I have worked at a restaurant, and I did for several years. I may be the only person I know who would give this a great review. I like honest and personal movies, so that's the main reason. It's one of these that mirrors reality. I'm still not sure why a lot of so-called professional critics didn't give this one the go, but I'm assuming a lot of them have never worked in such a place. These characters are those who want more out of life, but for now, they surround themselves with people who are as miserable as they are. It's like a one, big unhappy family.

My rating: 9 out of 10

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