Friday, March 14, 2014

03/14: Still Waiting....

With a movie and its sequel there will be a Jekyll and Hyde. I praised the first movie yesterday, but as for the 'Hyde' part I wasn't crazy about the second one. It repeated the formula, which was several plotlines and stories with characters. Some of the characters were still around, some with different roles from the first. Most noticeably, Ryan Reynolds (who had gone on to bigger roles) and Anna Faris were notably absent. I must say, though, there were some weird parts.

First, the real backbone plot was Shenaniganz' business was threatened with a chicken wings (Hooters-type) restaurant, Ta-Ta's. Sure, some of the customers chose that one over the other, as well as a couple employees (Raddiumus and Calvin) jumping ship. Calvin, who was the easygoing guy (who extremely lacked self-confidence) became a changed man overnight; Naomi (the crazy, crabby waitress) and Vanessa (the hot girl) still were employed there; the white 'gangsta' maintenance boys were still around even though one 'just wasn't feelin' it'; and of course, there's the boss who is still trying to fit in, as well as preventing to use the word 'Pud'. Calvin even tries to tell the secret of his newfound confidence by showing the boss a video of Adam Corolla's (who appears in a cameo) lecture. There are also cameos by Dean (Justin Long), whose depressed character in the first one never improved; in fact, just got worse. Then there's Bishop (Chi McBride), who on the other hand, is still preaching great gospel (even tipping).

To me, probably the worst, pathetic story was the cooks. Apparently one of the younger boys becomes the target of being picked on, bullied by someone bigger than him ('Sour Cream Sanchez' anyone?). For those who did like 'Waiting' you will probably end up liking its sequel as much as you did with the first one. I was that way for a while until I thought outside the box. This is direct-to-video (or DVD), arguably for the right reasons. I'm 'still waiting' what's the whole point...

My rating: 4 out of 10

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