Thursday, March 27, 2014

03/27: Muppets Most Wanted

The movie was everything I expected it would be...which is great by the way. In this one, they continue to pull off all the laughter, gags and the story. Even in the beginning, where it seems that they left off from the 2011 'Muppets' movie, they start going into a song-and-dance segment about how bad or good sequels are. It's a great song with many things to poke fun about it.

The story, in case you didn't get the memo: A well-known Kermit lookalike, the thick accent black moled Constantine Frog is on the loose. He's the most dangerous of all the Muppets, if not the world. We see him escape from the Gulag in Russia, and his partner-in-crime Dominick Badguy (it's French) talks (and cons) the Muppets into doing a world tour of their show. Constantine intentionally runs into Kermit and leaves him framed for crime. The Muppets are all excited about their international tour, throwing all kinds of outrageous ideas that Kermit is skeptical of. That all changes when Kermit is replaced by his lookalike, who hides his mole but not his accent. Somehow he fools all the other Muppets, except Walter, even when he is acting strange. Kermit on the other hand, who is left behind by his pals, is convinced to do a Broadway-type show, by the warden (or guard? played by Tina Fey).

Lots of fun as said above, as the Muppets take on another feature film. I'll be honest, I wasn't sure about this one since we all pretty much knew the plot. But luckily it was the curiosity in me to see how it all panned out; plus my lifelong love for the Muppets. I knew who Ricky Gervais (Badguy) was, but I never watched any of his work coming into this. He did great. Lots of celebrity cameos from Tony Bennett to Celine Dion to Usher. And some gags here and there, too. But there's also the soft touch as the 'wedding', plus Tina Fey's memorable line, 'In prison, nobody ever talks about family'. This definitely proves the people behind the Muppets have not lost their creative touch and their roots.

Nice job, puppeteers! I can't wait to find out what the next installment will be like.

My rating: 7 out of 10

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  1. Nice review Jason. If the 2011 movie was to show the heart of the characters, this brings it back to the wackiness that everyone knows and loves.