Wednesday, March 26, 2014

03/26: The Muppet Movie

The first big-screen feature starring the Muppets came out in 1979, at one of the heights of the famous puppets' popularity. I guess you can say it was during their 'first era', and by that I mean with their original creators and puppeteers, Jim Henson, Frank Oz, Jerry Nelson, etc. (Tonight I'm planning on seeing their latest feature which I hope to review tomorrow)

At the beginning, we see it as a 'movie-within-a-movie', as they are ready to watch themselves on the big screen. It starts with Kermit in the swamp home, and being persuaded to make a career in show business. As he heads on the road, he is also being persuaded to become entrepreneur Doc Hopper's spokesman for his frog legs restaurant franchise. Kermit repeatedly rejects him while making the trek to Hollywood. Along the way, he comes across the Muppets we are all familiar with: Gonzo, Fonzie the Bear, and of course, Miss Piggy.

Definitely a fun movie, as there are several celebrity cameos. Sadly though, most of them are now deceased, but you gotta remember: this was 1979. But its a great way to remember showbiz legends, like Bob Hope and Richard Pryor. Radio ventriloquist Edgar Bergen (who also makes a cameo) passed away during production, as the movie is dedicated to him. Several jokes and off-the-wall clean humor make this movie what it is as well. And let's not forget the songs: remember 'Moving Right Along', which was actually released as a single at the time?

Great family movie, and if it hasn't been certified a classic yet, its way overdue.

My rating: 8 out of 10

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