Monday, March 24, 2014

03/24 (a): The Muppets

Sorry guys, another busy one yesterday; as I said, Sundays are busy for me. Usually I do have the time to write a review on those days, but I was doing double duty. But I got two great reviews today for YOU. That's right. In honor of the new Muppets movie in theatres now, I thought now was the perfect time to write one about the first one of the new Muppets wave of revival movies.

Most of us know we live in an era where anything that was cool in our childhood (70s, 80s, early 90s) will likely be made into a movie, and for better or worse, a sequel and/or a prequel. I can't even think of anything that hasn't been made into a movie yet, except for maybe GoBots and Lazertag. Anyway, if you were a child of the 70s and 80s, you definitely grew up with the Muppets. You started with Sesame Street, probably watched the primetime TV show, and/or saw all the movies. They weren't even a guilty pleasure; in fact, they were loved by both kids and adults. I remember what I was doing when Jim Henson died in May 1990, and I remember looking at his creation Muppets differently for a while. (Recently his son, John, who helped keep the empire running, passed away at age 48) In Henson's post-life, we've seen the Muppets in several incarnations, including being bought by Walt Disney Company. But it wasn't until a member of the so-called 'Frat Pack' took interest and convinced Disney to revive the famous puppets back to the big screen.

Jason Segel, who was mostly known for his roles in R-rated comedy films, lived his dream of being in a movie with the Muppets. In the lead role, with Amy Adams and new Muppet, Walter, they set to go out on a road trip to L.A., where their main priority is to visit the old Muppet Studios. While there, they find out they must raise $10 million to keep the contract to the theater. However, the Muppets have mostly disbanded, with Miss Piggy living in Paris, Kermit the Frog enjoying retirement, and Fonzie playing in a Muppet tribute band, the Moopets(!). It is up to the trio to get them all back together and help raise money before their legacy is forgotten, and to keep from being bought out by an oil baron.

As expected (from previous Muppet films), many celebrity cameos are in store, including Neil Patrick Harris and Jack Black. Definitely a fun film, and one of the greatest 'revival' movies of this generation. More importantly, it hasn't forgotten its roots and the past movies, as it is set in present day. I have yet to see the next one, but while it may look sillier and predictable, who knows.

My rating: 9 out of 10

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