Thursday, February 27, 2014

02/27: Just Friends

Who can handle the truth? Apparently not Ryan Reynolds' character Chris who is told by his crush/best friend Jamie that she doesn't want to be more than his friend. He writes it in her yearbook. But even worse, it gets read aloud at a party in front of all his classmates....enough to humiliate him nearly for life!

Just look at the have Ryan Reynolds (who has seen his hits and mostly misses in his career, while I do respect him as an actor...the critics don't seem to like his films!), Anna Faris (same way I feel about Mr. Reynolds), Chris Klein and Amy Smart. This is kind-of like a teen comedy, yet it is set years after they part their ways in their late teens. They are now in their 30s, and geared up for a reunion. Only this time, Chris goes from a cheerleader/outcast/way overweight guy to a suave and rich ladies man who seems too good for anything. He even flies in a private jet only to accidentally get stranded in his hometown in New Jersey. Tagging along is the latest pop-star sensation (played by Anna Faris) who is also his ex-girlfriend back in Hollywood. For some people, success is the greatest 'bitch' and payback, or at least, the best way to gain respect for those who you thought didn't look at you highly. Chris goes to find his past love, who is now a waitress/bartender at a local bar.

By looking at the cast mentioned above, you really don't know whether to take this movie seriously or not. Maybe so. Or take it like a romantic comedy. Ryan Reynolds' fat-suit looks like fairly obvious fake, like cheap makeup was applied. Of course, I can't do better, but its safe to assume this was low budget. Reynolds was not yet a star, and Faris had only been successful with the 'Scary Movie' films. Come to think of it, that's all I remember her for. Oh, and for Movie 43. Both of them were in Waiting the year before.

So, what do I think? The movie is very predictable, but for some, that's a good thing. Most people like a romantic comedy as long its a decent story. I can't really speak for other people. Some may even view it as a great revenge fantasy, too, as referenced two paragraphs ago. But, I'm gonna have to deduct some numbers off this one for various reasons.

My rating: 4 out of 10

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