Monday, February 17, 2014

02/17(b): A Trusted Man

This is the first TV movie, let alone a Lifetime movie, that I'm reviewing on here. A Trusted Man was on this morning, and I thought I'd give it a watch. Most of those movies usually grab me within the first 20 minutes, as you know whose the bad guy.

Sonya is a 30-something lady (it appears) whose living in New York City with a boyfriend who just might be moving in with her. She accepts a promotion with several benefits and perks, but she must move to Boston and hope her boyfriend Tom accepts. Sonya ends up moving in the suburbs of Boston in a nice house, and settles in and eventually meets a man named Sebastian who runs an art gallery. Meanwhile, Tom has not let it sink in that she moved away and started a new life so he ends up stalking her and uses his police officer hookups and knowledge to separate Sebastian and Sonya. It's all creeper crazy from there.

I often say this about Lifetime movies: they are all the SAME! Not so, I know, but most of them all have something in common: the woman is usually the victim and the male is the bad guy always, and he is portrayed as a killer, creeper, and the like. But to be fair, I've seen women as the victim and the villain. This movie is very predictable as well, like many of them Lifetime movies, which end pretty much the same too.

My rating: 5 out of 10

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