Wednesday, February 12, 2014

02/12: The Lego Movie

This is the first time I review something on here while its still 'hot'. In fact, it came out almost a week ago and it was #1 on the box office charts the previous weekend. I got to see it last night, in 2D (not 3-D as it is available in that format).

I'll be frank: when I first heard about this movie about a month ago, I'm like, 'Why?!'. The reason for that was because in Hollywood today, we live in a world of not just prequels, sequels and remakes, but there are so many things people enjoyed as kids that are being made into movies. Hey, it's all about the almighty profits, right? And Legos are the latest thing being offered on the big screen. It is quite easy to forget that this is not a new thing, as there are animated Lego movies that were direct to DVD.

The story follows construction worker Emmitt (voiced by Chris Pratt), who seems to be the everyday average worker, but his characteristics are being naive, accident-prone and just doing things at the wrong place, wrong time. All he wants is to be very likeable and to have more out of life. As he's leaving the hard hat zone, he notices an attractive woman (who calls herself Wildstyle) trespassing and follows her. But Emmitt ends up getting deeper (literally) into trouble as he obtains something that 'The Man Upstairs' is after: the Piece of Resistance. Emmitt is also mistaken as 'the Special' and he lives up to it, trying to impress Wildstyle...who has a boyfriend, Batman! With his geekiness and somewhat new allies, 'the Special' is destined to save the world from the evil Lord Business (voiced by Will Ferrell, who also appears in a live-action part in the movie).

It's not just the nostalgic-ness that makes the movie fun. Several celebrities and pop culture references make the movie what it is. You have a mixed bag of DC comic-book characters meeting with Star Wars, and even the NBA. (And yes, that really is Shaquille O'Neal voicing himself) This is a film that is kid and adult-friendly. While its still in theaters, now is a great time to take the whole family out and enjoy it. And get a good laugh.

My rating: 7 out of 10

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