Wednesday, February 19, 2014

02/19: The Incredibles

Pixar scored itself another great hit during the year of 2004 with The Incredibles. A box office success, it won the hearts of both so-called professional critics and audiences alike. With a family shown on most of the posters this would look like a perfect family fun movie. That is 90% true. What about the 10%, you ask? Pretty much a lesson in violence, holding grudges, and just plain evil.

But its still a fun and respectable movie. You can tell its all about superheroes. I haven't seen this until a few months ago (obviously overdue!) and I originally thought the whole family acted as the group of superheroes throughout the whole movie. Not necessarily so! I won't give that much away, but here's a bit of the plot: A group of superheroes called the 'Supers' that were once great and powerful until the government shuts them down.

Several years later, Bob and Helen Farr (voiced by Craig T. Nelson and Holly Hunter) have outgrown their past lives as superheroes and live the typical American dream. Bob has a great job, even though its boring for him, but he knows he has to support his family of five. Bob, formerly Mr. Incredible, is tapped by a woman named Mirage to test out things as well as go back to his old superhero character. Little does he know (as well as the family) that there is a former fan (voiced by Jason Lee; earlier shunned by Bob) who is still holding a grudge all these years. He becomes 'Syndrome'.

All the Incredibles have super powers, like Helen can stretch her body like rubber, and the oldest son can run like the wind blows (or something fast like that...). It takes a family to get their senses together and join forces to stop Syndrome and his crew on an island. The fighting techniques are fun as well as the super powers. Kind of like a cartoonish X-Men.

As said, this is a great family movie. It can also be considered an introductory action movie for kids, too. Of course, I hope this teaches a kid a lesson or two in dealing with people who trespass against them. It's no wonder this film is now becoming a 'classic' already, just nearly 10 years after its release. Yes, there have been talks of a sequel, but nothing set in stone just yet.....

My rating: 8 out of 10

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