Saturday, February 15, 2014

02/15: Metropolis (1927)

Perhaps the first science-fiction full film of that genre, Metropolis still stands out as one of the greatest silent classics of all-time. It is innovative in all sorts, including special effects, sexism, sexual activity, or any little detail one can observe. I've probably said it on here many times as I have reviewed silent films, but most of them are hard to follow once you take your eyes off the screen for a little bit.

It is set in the future (time and place ungiven) but in a futuristic city where there seems to be two classes: the working class and the small ruling class. The big boss man Joh Fredersen presided over several men who work way underground. His son, Freder, watches yet he sympathizes with the men, especially after an explosion. He eventually falls in love with a woman who brings children to the property. He follows her around, until she is captured by the people close to her father. She gets 'resurrected' into a robot, which is brought to human life form, purposely to ruin her reputation.

The movie was filmed in Germany during its 'Weimar period'. Creepily it was put out six years before Hitler came to power as Germany descended into Nazi Germany. Putting that kind of history aside, Fritz Lang put out a masterpiece as he took chances on something new cinemas had to offer. If you dig silent films, and if you want to watch a historical film classic, jump right in.

My rating: 7 out of 10

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