Wednesday, February 26, 2014

02/26: Billy Elliot

With the Olympics in Sochi, Russia over, maybe its time to explore one of Russian's pasttimes: ballet. I was just watching an episode of The Waltons just now, and there was ballet in it. Sometimes I wonder how people get a kick out of that kind of dancing, but doing is way better than watching. I guess it can be fascinating.

Take an 11-year old boy named Billy Elliot, obviously the film's title character. A boy with a messed up home life in England, whose widowed father is having large problems with his employer and union. The last thing his pop wants to hear is his boy is taking ballet lessons instead of typical male activities. He originally wanted Billy to take boxing lessons, but sneaks away eventually to the nearby room full of girls in the ballet class. It would take a lot to convince his father that he is talented in the field, especially if he's set to audition for a special dance school.

If you would like to watch an inspirational story that deals with un-encouraging parents, this is for you. This is also for those who like to watch stories that can beat the odds against anything. With the movie seeming harmless, it is rated R for mostly the language and profanity.

My rating: 7 out of 10

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