Wednesday, February 5, 2014

02/05: Beware

Arguably one of the forgotten films of the 1940s is one that was released in post-war America. This was, of course, during Hollywood's golden era, but something else was emerging too. Segregation was still happening, and Beware was a movie that was one of those with an all African-American cast. The most prominent star of the movie was Louis Jordan. Louis Jordan is one of the most influential, yet forgotten, figures in American music. He was one of the bandleaders that incorporated several elements of music in his songs, along with style, humor and personality. James Brown is one of his most famous followers.

Jordan plays himself (or a fictionalized version of himself, although I don't believe he was an actual grad of Ware), a man who comes back to his alma mater, Ware College, to help raise money and prevent it from shutting it down. He also 'hooks up' with his old sweetheart as well. Along the way Louis relives his memories as well as jams with the other alumni, but he also helps uncover a scheme which eventually involves the Dean. 

Although the film has a thin but alright plot, the musical numbers are definitely worth it. You will see Jordan sing and play throughout the movie. In my opinion, he is one of the people who laid out the groundwork in boogie music, which evolved into rock and roll.

My rating: 7 out of 10

Since the movie is in public domain, you can watch and/or download it for free here at

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