Saturday, February 1, 2014

02/01: Remember The Titans

February is Black History Month, and for this month I'm gonna review some African American/black-related/civil rights movies for that reason. I'll also include some that have to do with February (you'll find a definitely true themed one tomorrow).

Remember The Titans has always stood out as one of my favorites, going way back to when I first saw it at the show (2000? 01?). It was a story that always stuck with me, and I always like to watch it over and over. There are a lot of 'fighting for civil rights' movies out there, and some may say they are all the same, just because they stick with the same theme. Not so, although I see where they are coming from. Titans is a true story set in Alexandria, VA about a high school whose football team becomes racially integrated. Denzel Washington puts on a powerful performance as Herman Boone, the guy who takes on head coach at T.C. Williams High School, which angers several local white residents.

Bill Patton plays Bill Yoast, who was demoted to Assistant Coach. He slowly adjusts in the beginning, but he bears with it and and Boone form a long-standing partnership and friendship. Most of the movie takes place at training camp, where both the black and white boys try to learn to work with each other and get to know one another. You'll hear a history lesson here and there, but to me what stood out was Boone being able to unite one another and attempt to help boost the community and high school to the state championship. We do see some anger as he speaks out about his critics and hate crimes. But we also see how the town reacts at first. We also see Hayden Panettiere in one of her early performances, as Yoast's daughter.

I believe this movie is very character driven, as we get to know several of the players and, of course, Boone and Yoast, who as said at the end of the movie, they become lifelong friends. Very recommended. Has an excellent soundtrack which features songs from the early 1970s as well as Motown.

My rating: 8 out of 10

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