Thursday, February 20, 2014

02/20: The Bodyguard

It's been more than two years since Whitney Houston's passing, and all the extensive media coverage around it. Then you also have the 'speech' that Kevin Costner gave at her memorial service. The Bodyguard was one of its rare kind, a romantic thriller. It pretty much was predictable, but audiences were ready to see Whitney show off her acting skills. By that time she was an international superstar, breaking Billboard chart records (including most consecutive #1 Hot 100 singles, a record that still stands today). Also at the time, Kevin Costner was on fire, having starred in great roles the last few years much as I hate to say it, his career was nowhere to go but down.

Superstar Rachel Marron (Houston) is an untouchable diva who is being stalked (as well as threatened), which leads to her manager's decision in hiring Frank Farmer (Costner), a former Secret Service worker who served under previous U.S. Presidents. Rachel doesn't think it is necessary since she already has one, but the death threats grow more serious. Many things happen as he tries to protect her and her family.

Commentary (Warning: Spoilers!): I must say the cheesiest, un-realistic part was at the end, during the Academy Awards. Really, diving right in front of Rachel while protecting her from a bullet? It kind of reminds me of Fonzie jumping over the shark, or something more weird.

My rating: 6 out of 10

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