Friday, February 21, 2014

02/21: Hot Tub Time Machine

A part satire/comedy/serious movie came out in 2010. And of course, another time-travel fantasy film. Something I wished actually existed in real life, whether it be a nuclear reaction to take us back to where we went wrong in life or in a situation. There are several time-travel movies, and most are worth watching, including HTTM.

This one starts at the present day with 3 men in their 40s (Adam, Nick and Lou), who are living deeply in regret over different things, be it careers, marriage, etc. Tagging along with them is Adam's nephew Jacob. When Lou is hospitalized, the men decide to go back to an old ski resort (now run-down) that was a popular vacation hangout spot for them in the 80s during their teens. They try to relive their memories when suddenly they discover they are back in time. 1986, to be exact. They of course take advantage of the moment by re-living everything that should have happened. Basically, they're all doing something we all wish to do. It only happens in the movies, haha. But in the midst of all this, some cold hard truths arise.

Definitely a fun movie with several pop-culture references, including Back To The Future ("Hey McFly..."). Great group of people in the movie, and yes, even Chevy Chase was a bit funny. On the flip side, I find it unnecessary that this movie is getting a sequel, which will come out on Christmas of this year. John Cusack won't even be in it this time around, with Adam Scott replacing him. But like I always say, I hope they prove me wrong.

My rating: 8 out of 10

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