Tuesday, February 18, 2014

02/18: Wild Things

So...did you do it?
Then you got nothing to worry about....

That's one of my favorite conversational quotes. It was between Bill Murray's lawyer character and Matt Dillon's character Sam. Sam is a high school guidance counselor who is accused of rape by two female students, Suzie (Neve Campbell) and Kelly (Denise Richards), after they go to his house. It is later revealed that the whole thing is a set-up and numerous accusations and suits come up and the three of them hope to split the dough, which is 8 million.

There are several plot twists throughout the movie, as well as several backstabbing events, with not to GIVE IT AWAY (SPOILER), but until there is one person left standing. Of course, I'm not going to give it away who, but as you watch the movie, you'll pretty much get an idea. Greed and manipulation play important parts of the movie. The film is also described as trashy yet likeable.

I remember during the late 90s during the prime of the film's stars. Neve Campbell was 'the girl next door' and she seemed unstoppable with her endless string of hit films. But it all came to an end. (Reminds me of Alicia Silverstone) Same goes for Denise Richards and Matt Dillon. But you also have Hollywood veterans who play minor roles (Murray, Robert Wagner and Kevin Bacon) so I guess you can say this had an all-star cast.

This film is not for children, but for teens who are used to watching sexual situations, then hey, go ahead. The film is notorious for its overly usage of sex scenes, as well as the lesbian kiss, etc. If you would like to watch it for a late-90s trip in time, this would be great too. This was not much of a hit at the box office at the time (Spring of '98) but it became more popular post-theatrical run.

My rating: 6 out of 10

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