Friday, February 14, 2014

02/14: Not Another Teen Movie

I just couldn't think of a perfect love-story movie review to write in honor of this holiday that's going on today. So why not just write about a satire? I got down on it.

Not Another Teen Movie, just judging by the title alone, is a parody movie that pretty much parodies mostly all the teen movies from the late 90s to 2000, such as American Pie, American Beauty, etc etc. The story may be taken a bit seriously, since it is sort of a budding high school romance but what stands in the way or the jokes, whether they be gross or just simply a take-off from what is being parodied. And there is a lot of pop culture references, plus a special appearance by the 'teen queen', Molly Ringwald!

The story, as should be half-taken seriously, is about a nerdy, outcast girl Janey (whose father even thinks she's gay) who is actually pretty (without the glasses). The jock's (Chris Evans) friends make a bet with him that they can turn Janey into the prom queen, so he tries to hook up with her. At first, Janey doesn't fall for it, but eventually things do change. You'll just have to see. There are also many small subplots.

All through the movie you'll see as all the teen-movie stereotypes are identified, like the prom queen, the virgin, the stupid fat guy, etc. You'll also see some famous scenes redone, and like mentioned above, celebrity cameos like Mr. T and Melissa Joan Hart. It's hard to believe that the 'jock' and years later, Captain America, are the same person.

If you're looking for a great laugh-a-thon, check this one out. It can be a touching love story if you want it to be, but don't take it toooooo seriously.

My rating: 5 out of 10

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