Friday, January 10, 2014

First post...what am I gonna say here

Welcome to the debut of Jason's Movie of the Day! Let me start off by introducing myself. 

My name is Jason and I live in Glen Carbon, IL (just 20 min from St. Louis). I used to be a devoted blogger. Not just on here, but on Myspace (during its heyday). I was always open about things and I had plenty of time to post certain material. More than five years ago, in college I discovered I loved writing. But something always bit me, like I always used the excuses of 'not enough time' or 'who in the hell reads this'. I also thought blogging was on the downfall as 'microblogging' became the 'in-thing' with just 140 characters and/or a simple status that tells everyone your mood. 

Music is where my main interest is. Not playing it by instrument, but I've always been into rock history and I consider myself a 'historian'. Like everyone, I love movies. I've become more of a movie buff in the last few years. Since 2005 I've kept track of just about every movie I've seen by compiling a list on Imdb (Internet Movie Base). The list isn't necessarily complete, but at this point I've seen over 700 movies so far in my lifetime. To some, it's not enough as I know people who have seen over a thousand films. To some, it's ridiculous as some are satisfied with only seeing less than 200 movies. So its quite 'in the middle' if you know what I mean. I'm not sure if anyone will top the late Roger Ebert as he has seen 'more than 10,000 movies' if not more.

Instead of creating a blog based on how I feel about rock/pop music in every way, I decided to do a simple challenge and write about all the movies I have seen. Every day. Sounds simple, right? Probably not so. But I'm for it...

For every post, you will get plenty of commentary, or at least one line(!). A review based on a 1-10 scale will also be available from me. You may even get a story if its a great or sucky movie. Links will eventually go up as time progresses and when I get the hang of this blogging thing again. You can tell I'm already excited about this.

The next post will be my first review on the movie that inspired me to do this. Read on......


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