Wednesday, January 15, 2014

01/15: The Gold Rush

The first silent film that I'm reviewing comes from the last chapter of the 'silent era'. You can definitely tell the difference between this 1925 movie and the D.W. Griffith movies from the '10s. The acting, the improved camera techniques as well as the less shakiness in the titles and captions. And they are done in a more readable font.

The Gold Rush is a cool Chaplin film, and it is known to be one of his signature ones. I have not seen many of them, so this is one of a few that I've seen. There are several Charlie Chaplin shorts and films that are available for free download at Several pieces of his work fell into the public domain over the years, including The Gold Rush. My favorite scene is the 'roll dance' where he invites the ladies over for dinner and he tries to impress them by....what else? Playing with his food. It's so sad that something like that can be forgotten. I'm sure at one point it was considered an iconic movie scene for years, but there are so many modernized movies that took its place as the generations came. You can even view it on Youtube, but I recommend downloading the p.d. version from Internet Archive. The main reason being it does not use the same piano music as the original version does. And it's not the same.

My rating: 7 out of 10 stars

You can download it for free or stream it (legally) from Internet Archive.

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