Wednesday, January 22, 2014

01/22: Mr. Gibb -or- The Good Student

I'll admit it: Hayden Panettiere (while she's hot but I do find her a bit weird) did draw me to watch this movie. On my streaming device I have a channel where its all free movies and this direct-to-DVD movie (I think?) was one of the choices. Here she was right in front in a near-seductive pose with a creepy older guy in the background. Yeah, things could get weird...haha

So I watched it. This low-profile movie, I have to say, wasn't that bad. It was a typical dark comedy/mystery/drama film. Panettiere plays an attractive student in Mr. Gibbs' high school history class. She is also a local celebrity, cheerleader, and the daughter of the owner of a local car dealership. Gibbs has a slight crush on her, and things go roller-coastery as he tries to help her out but yet some things just backfire. There's the framing, the kidnapping, yada. And of course, Gibbs is accused of the whole thing. And there's the threat of his teaching job.

While I do find this film to be predictable at times, I'd still give it a go anyway.

My rating: 5 out of 10

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