Saturday, April 19, 2014

04/19: Pretty In Pink

Well, this is my 100th movie I reviewed so far for this blog! This is awesome. I've got no time to stop now! I thought about celebrating in fashion, but instead I'm gonna write about a movie that continues to give me nightmares of high school on this lonely Saturday night. When this movie comes to mind, I think of one of the most overrated things of all-time, in my book - prom. And that OMD song, too....

Molly Ringwald, by that time in 1986, was one of the hottest young actresses on a roll, and this seemed to be the last of them all during that John Hughes era. This time she plays outcast Andie, or more, a girl who comes from a working-class family 'on the wrong side of the tracks'. She's got a crush on a preppy guy Blane (Andrew McCarthy), but lacks the confidence to let him know. Meanwhile, her dorky friend Duckie (Jon Cryer) gives her plenty of attention and would love to go with Andie, and they are continually harassed by Blane's rich friends at school. Prom is coming up, so who doesn't have a date? Andie. But who knows, things may change.

It's a great comedy that's supposed to give us hope of what happens in real life. And it also is a look at the clashing of social classes and cliques. That I can see as a mirror of reality. Still, what I really like (and apparently others agree) about John Hughes films is that they are very realistic in their own way. We all know everyone wants a fairy-tale teenage life, just like our parents supposedly had. Hughes was 'in' with the times, and gave us a view of his world.

The soundtrack, like most 80s movies, is one to remember as well. 'If You Leave' by OMD (Orchestral Manouevres of the Dark) is one of my favorite movie songs of all-time, despite having played during a prom scene. The new-wavyness of the soundtrack really gives the film plenty of character.

Like I say about most 80s movies, definitely check this one out, mostly for nostalgic purposes! Or you can also use this to convince your teen they are not alone.

My rating: 7 out of 10

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