Friday, April 11, 2014

04/11: Face/Off

In one of the most oddest of action films, Face/Off was one of the most successful among both so-called professional critics and fans. With two big-name stars, John Travolta and Nicolas Cage, one would have to wonder if its just going to be another action film with explosions and drama. That's what I thought when this movie came out and for the longest time, until I recently watched it. That's when I knew Face/Off was literal!

Nicolas Cage plays Castor Troy, an aggressive civil terrorist who accidentally kills top FBI agent Sean Archer's (Travolta) 5-year old son. Years later, Troy is still on the loose and finally Archer's team catches him at an airport as soon as his plane moves. Troy is captured, but he also reveals that a buried bomb is placed somewhere in Los Angeles, but fades into a coma shortly. While at the hospital, a co-worker of Archer's gets him to do a face transplant surgery since nothing is said as to where the bomb is. Archer then successfully completes surgery as he poses as Troy, by trying to get details from people Troy knew in prison. However, the real Troy wakes up and kills the doctor after he gets him to pose as Archer.

Needless to say, confusion ensues as at times during the movie it is easy to forget who is the real bad guy and good guy. But nevertheless, the movie is very entertaining while being fast-paced as the main subplot is Archer's family (wife and teenage rebel daughter). It's a struggle in a situation no one would understand for Cage's version of Archer. It's definitely quite an adventure for both as they pose as their nemesis. Come to think about it, it's quite a fantasy. So wouldn't that make this a fantasy film? lol

Great action film, and just one warning, if blood and knives (surgery way) freak you out, you may want to turn your head!

My rating: 7 out of 10

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