Tuesday, April 1, 2014

04/01: Team America: World Police

When people think of this movie, the ending theme song 'Team America: Fart Yeah' may come to mind. At least that's what happens every time this movie comes up in a conversation. I even know people who have the song in their phones. And no, they don't say fart, I know. I'm just trying to leave out the profanity in these reviews. So you're probably wondering why I'm writing about such an offensive, profanity-laden movie.

Why, because it's funny! Sure, I've never been a fan of South Park (even though I've seen a few episodes) but I was aware of Matt Stone and Trey Parker's humor. They pick on EVERYBODY. This time around, they took a stab at their own country. I'm sure a lot of people took it the wrong way, but the South Park creators and their fans couldn't care less. I know their style has always been about satire. The focus was on America's way of changing countries and their regimes as well as their policies and stuff. Throughout the world, they stop terrorists (well, sure they missed the Panama Canal...).

The team of five world police, led by Sportswoode, loses one of their own, Carson, who is shot by a terrorist in the beginning of the movie. Carson is also linked to Lisa. Replacing him is Broadway actor Gary, who is reluctant most of the time but feels that its his duty to join in defending freedom and loyalty to his country. He eventually becomes Lisa's love interest. There appears to be a civil war during the film's climax, meaning all of the team members are at odds with each other, and are all captured by then-North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il. They must save the world and destroy Jong-il's plan to blow up the world.

Several people, on both sides of the political spectrum, are made fun of. Also, countless Hollywood celebrities. I'm sure most of them didn't mind at all; even though it was reported that Sean Penn wasn't amused. Michael Moore is definitely portrayed as a fat slob traitor and I guess, a terrorist, when he blows up Team America's Intelligence station at Mount Rushmore.

For a great laugh, definitely watch this one. But yes, definitely leave the kids out of the room. Be prepared for some raunchiness and offensiveness, especially the marionette sex scene!

My rating: 7 out of 10

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