Wednesday, April 16, 2014

04/16 (a): United 93

As one of the movies about 9/11 during the mid-Millenial decade, I will go ahead and wasn't easy to watch. Of course any movie about that tragic day is, in a self-explanatory kind of way, depressing. But I always did wonder why directors have wanted to capture the moment on the big screen. We knew what we knew from the media and reports. Just saying, I've always questioned it.

This chronicles the whole story of Flight 93, which crashed just minutes after the attacks of the World Trade Center towers. The story seemed to have been recorded from phone and switchboard calls that were received shortly before its crash. It starts all the way at the airport that morning. And we do get to know some of the 'everyday' people. From there, there is only one way to go but down. However, we do see some courageous acts by people close to the end.

Yes, this movie is not easy to watch. Even more, it mirrors what nearly exactly happened in reality. But as the director probably wishes, he wants us to think of it as a tribute and/or just what it is like being on an ill-fated flight. In most of these death-related movies, sometimes I do get the message that life is too short.

Best thing I can say with an open mind. Scary and horror movies are one thing, and if you get freaked out bigtime by those, I say don't watch this. Only because the tragedy is realistic from start to finish.

My rating: 5 out of 10

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