Wednesday, April 2, 2014

04/02: Heaven Can Wait (1978)

Normally I don't like films about ghosts (okay, maybe the Ghostbusters movies). But, as in people living the afterlife as a ghost. It just gets depressing as I've had nightmares of seeing people but they wouldn't see ME. That's the whole idea of what being a ghost is about, according to Hollywood, as it is used in TV shows and movies. Heaven Can Wait is a remake of a Harry Segall stageplay.

Warren Beatty plays Joe Pendleton, an all-star football player of the Los Angeles Rams, who is ready to lead his team to the Super Bowl. Unfortunately, he gets killed while being struck by a car in a tunnel while riding his bike. He arrives in heaven, and he is told that he wasn't supposed to die. Joe could have re-lived, but his body was already cremated! So, Joe's spirit arrives in a millionaire Leo Farnworth's body as several confusions happen (to the characters, not the viewer).

Comedic-wise, I'd say it isn't bad. But again, I find ghostly movies depressing, especially those that deal with death, no matter how they make it. This should be great for anyone who loves football, and who is a Warren Beatty fan.

My rating: 6 out of 10

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