Thursday, May 1, 2014

05/01: Paul Blart: Mall Cop

In a movie that when I remember, when it first came out, it got dozens of bad reviews. I didn't think very highly of Kevin James, as I saw him as just another wannabe comic actor despite of being on a long-running TV show. I listened to the critics, until one day a few months later I picked it out from Redbox (slow day) and I rented it. My opinion kind of changed from there.

James plays the title character, who's pretty much not just a cop, but a sad, lonely 30/40-something guy who lives with his daughter and mother. Although he tries to be hip and fun, he's seen as a fat slacker outcast who's an easy target to be made fun of. Even as a cop, he's laughed at. Through the way, he trains a new co-worker Veck (Kier O'Donnell), and is infatuated with a mall booth girl (Jayma Mays). But while things are going slow, suddenly on Black Friday, the mall is held up by a gang led by Veck. It's up to Paul to save not just the mall, but his love interest, daughter and friends (and enemy).

I actually didn't think this one was that bad. Maybe it was because it was something that I related to, being the outcast and all. Or something I wish could happen in real life, I don't know. But it was one that self-proclaimed losers could relate to, about trying to be a hero. It had great scenes, up in the end, for which I won't give away! It's always nice to go from zero to hero, after all. And there were a few funny scenes as well. I don't know if its a dying breed (although it seems to be), but it's always nice to have a film set in a mall, as well!

I'd watch this for a great movie night. You may or may not like it, who knows.

A sequel will be released a year from now. I'm not sure if this will be an unnecessary one or not, but we shall see...

My rating: 7 out of 10
Tomatometer: 33%

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